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Download The Sims FreePlay for Android

The Sims Freeplay for Android, which belongs to EA, is very popular and has a lot of fans. The game offers the player an open world, a lot of heroes and quests. The Sims Freeplay offers the same, but is a clone, which is generally very similar to the original version.


Create your character based on personal preferences, pay attention to nose, lips, ears, skin and hair color. Come up with an image that everyone will love and surprise your audience with an appearance!

After creating an image, choosing a look and choosing a specialty, the main part of the gameplay begins. The Sims Freeplay is a virtual life in your pocket where you can do almost anything. Create not only an image, but also have a family, get a job or choose an activity for the day. Go to the fitness and spa centers, visit the neighbors, socialize, make new acquaintances and climb the career ladder.

In addition to the above, there are other things you can do that are well grounded and integrated into the overall process, but more about that below.


A great reason to download this app is the presence of the construction system in its entirety. The player can unlock the skills of an architect and designer with just a device in hand. Build a full house, find unique materials for the house, beautiful things and other items to create a roof over your head.

Paint more than just the walls or floor, add color to the facade or exterior walls, put furniture inside and find out how it blends in with the interior. Experiment with the design, a huge store offers many things to choose from. Not only can you create a rustic home, but also something in the Japanese style. Pay attention to this so that when you come home from work you feel great!

Create coziness not only inside but also outside, pay attention to the plot, cover the lawn, plant trees or create a garden!


Soon, a significant other will be living right next door and you should think about starting a family. Prepare for this important moment together with the protagonists, choose a dress, a suit for the groom, as well as choose a place of betrothal. Invite your acquaintances and best friends there, listen to the fiery speeches, and go home afterwards!

Soon there will be a little baby, his name and appearance can also be worked on. It's not time-consuming, but it will create a positive impression!

Download The Sims FreePlay for Android

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