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Ceramic Inspirations Website

A great Ceramic website I have just come across. The site has links to many artists from all over the world, plus a whole load of videos of makers demonstrating different making, decorating and firing techniques - plus much more.


Contemporary Applied Arts

David Roberts Ceramics

Earth & Fire

International Ceramic Fair

Rob Parr Ceramics

Katie Timson Ceramics

Enric Mestre Ceramics (Spain)

FLICAM International Ceramic Arts Museum

International collection of ceramic art, situated in Fuping, nr Shaanxi in China

International Ceramics Studio (Kecskemet, Hungary)

International Terracotta Symposium, Eskisehir, Turkey 2010

Meri Wells Ceramics

Novie Trump Ceramics (USA)

Steve Mattison Ceramics


Wendy Lawrence

Brian Harper Ceramics (USA)

Masakaza Kusakabe

David Binns - Facebook Profile

Yves Dana - Sculptor

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